More on-sight reports from the Sranan Art Xposed archive

The Nationale Kunstbeurs (National Art Fair) was held for the 44th time from the 30th of October until the December 7th of 2009. Once again there were a great deal of visitors at the extensive exhibition in Ons Erf. As it does every year, the discussion starts up again: how does the selection occur, are the rules too stringently applied or rather too leniently? Should other criteria be defined, who determines what ‘real’ art is and what is of too low a standard? Interesting conversations, which undeniably lead to interesting developments. In the following editions of Sranan Art Xposed we will of course come back to this subject extensively. Send us an e-mail with your thoughts on this subject. Does the Nationale Kunstbeurs live up your expectations? Is it time for something different? How would you determine how such an exhibition is put together, who may participate? Also on the Flickr-account of Sranan Art. an extensive image file from this national exhibition which is held every year.

Double Feature George Struikelblok and Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, at Readytex Art Gallery from November 18th- 28th .The emotional growth of George Struikelblok [] is well traceable through his art, as even now the compositions show a new level playfulness. His work is steadily becoming less is rigid and much more lively. For quite some time now the colors are bright and cheerful, but Struikelblok now applies his paint with an increased sense of freedom which can be recognized by the bold strokes of the brush and impulsive splatters of paint on his canvases. Roddney Tjon Poen Gie [] shows the works of art created during his recent artist in residence-period at the Dutch art institute Duende [] in Rotterdam. The residency program is a component of the ArtRoPa-project [] and in a number of his pieces Tjon Poen Gie visualized this exchange in a creative way. He paints images of his own whimsical art trouvé-scupltures and combines them with modern shapes and structures from recognizable architecture in Rotterdam.

Royal Triple Women Art Exhibition, at the Royal Torarica hotel in collaboration with Royal House of Art from October 23rd – 25th. In the picture during this exhibition is work by the three female artists Sabine Ensberg-Steinhoff, Sharda Devi Harkhoe and Ingrid Indiaan, three artists with each their own unique style. Sabine Ensberg contributes with a collection of modern and colorful multimedia works of art in a style which shows abstract and figurative elements. The emphasis is on faces of women from varying ethnical backgrounds. Ingrid Indiaan shows large more abstract multi-media paintings in which plaster and paraffin add a layered structure and a unique appearance. Whimsical shapes, butterflies and visions seem to dominate the scene in the work by Indiaan. Sharda Devi Harkhoe presents a collection of oil paintings in themes in which nature and mystical elements in rich jewel tones are clearly emphasized. Harkhoe’s work as always shows great attention to graceful and intricate details.

Inspiration, the latest solo-exhibition from Kenneth Flijders [] opens on October 13th under great public attention at the Readytex Art Gallery. Inspired by beautiful Surinamese nature, the various cultures, impressions from his own surroundings and fond memories from the past, the artist uses acrylic paint or mahogany extract to portray his images on large canvases, paper or even on old shutters and doors. Natural palm tree fibers are often incorporated and two realistic looking sculptures of fruit from mahogany wood are also shown. The exhibition lasted until the 27th of October.

Buglahé, the solo-exhibition of Edke (Miguel Eduard Keerveld) held on Saturday the 19th of September in Commewijne. The name of the exhibition is the nickname the artist receives from his grandmother as a child and this exhibition is held in honor of her memory. Previously known to work in a more figurative style, the abstract paintings in this exhibition are a well executed new experiment for Edke. In a fiery palette applied to surface rich in texture attained with collage techniques, he paints of themes which are inspired by personal experiences from his daily life.

Chuttie, a solo-exhibition by artist George Ramjiawansing in the Instituto Venezolano para la Cultura y la Cooperation (IVCC) from the 9th until the 15th of September. The meaning of Chuttie is “free”. With this theme as point of departure the artist shows a varied collection of artworks amongst which: metal sculptures created from scrap materials and paintings done in varied styles and techniques. The West-Indian culture to which he belongs clearly takes center stage in his paintings, while in a charmingly playful and modern way the sculptures serve to highlight the variation of cultures in Suriname. The exhibition is open to visitors until the end of December in Gallery Singh at the Koningstraat 63.


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