Sound of the Maroons

Sound of the Maroons

The sound of the drum passing through this dark green jungle
carrying stories of our ancestors whose footsteps have printed this jungle floor
The sound ripples the dark water of the river
Shall we dance for our ancestors who are protecting the jungle?

I can hear the stories of how they used to play
Stories of those who passed away, ran away
and those who had fought the great war
visions of the visitors in dark robes with white collars

Shall we dance
For those who are protecting these footsteps
for us to see how they used to dance on this jungle floor
Shall we dance for those who can beat the drum
sending these stories through the jungle

The sound of the Maroons

Poem on the occasion of Paramaribo Perspectives, TENT., Rotterdam, 2010
Ken Doorson, 2010

Sketch of Ken Doorsons' work for Paramaribo Perspectives (Photo: Courtesy Ken Doorson, 2010)

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