Meanwhile … George Struikelblok – Lob’ Makandra

Solo exhibition George Struikelblok | October 29 – November 5, 2010 | Opening hours: 16:00-20:00 hrs | Atelier Struikelblok, Amsoistraat 49, Paramaribo | Entrance: free | After November 5: 0851-0525 / 0865-2005 | Website:

Due to organizational issues, George Struikelblok is not present at the NK with his own booth this year, but he did also plan his own exhibition in Atelier Struikelblok at the Amsoistraat 49, Paramaribo Suriname. There, from October 29th until November 5th, the public can enjoy works of art by Struikelblok which deal with his current theme of ‘Lob’ Makandra’. With exceptional color and depth his works portray the artist’s rendition of family dynamics.

Struikelblok is famous for his fascinating installations on the National Art Fair every year, so he will be duely missed at Ons Erf. Then again, it may be a very good step in re-thinking the National Art Fair and making use of more –independent?- venues.


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