Meanwhile: August Bohé exhibits at Royal House of Art

PARAMARIBO, Suriname–“August Bohé takes a leap forward in his development as expressionist artist,” Marieke Visser of Tabiki Productions writes in a press release about the painter’s exhibition Reproduction which opened December 17th, 2010, at the Royal House of Art. Bohé, she writes, presents numerous works in different shapes; rectangular and contracted. Small and square. Fluorescent colors, circular shapes, strong lines, squares, triangles … an entertaining presentation. “What you’re looking at are spermcells and egg cells looking for each other, but in abstract form. The pieces speak their own language, but it’s recognizable,” Visser quotes Bohé.

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He says he is satisfied with the development of his work. “Now it’s matured enough to show. These pieces are the result of me broadening my scope. I created this; I own the creativity that I confined within me. If I didn’t do that, it would have disappeared,” he says.

The painter has experimented with abstract forms since 2007, evident in his expo Energy, a solo exhibition in Instituto Venezolana para la Cultura y la Cooperacion (IVCC) in 2008. In fact, his direction showed in 1995 already when he exhibited with Humphrey Tawjoeram.

For Reproduction, Bohé gave his fantasy free rein; it’s his artistic interpretation of the process of reproduction, with in the background an educational aspect: the conviction that the next generation should be aware of all sides to the process. Still, the artistic urge dominates. “When there’s harmony, you get a good feeling. You display the feelings that live inside of you. It’s a wondrous thing: creating life on a white canvas  . You make people happy with colors, dimensions and forms,” he says.

Bohe’s expo is open till December 31st at the Royal House of Art in Royal Torarica Resort, It’s closed on Sundays. For more information: August Bohé, +597 404076 / +597 850-4904,

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