Educational art program in children’s museum Villa Zapakara

The first activity of the art event: MARCEL PINAS: KIBII WI KONI, THE EVENT.

On March 17th the first activity of Marcel Pinas: Kibii Wi Koni, The Event had its kick off in Villa Zapakara, the children’s museum in Paramaribo. Over a period of one month approximately 900 pupils from the elementary schools OS Santopolder, Geertruida Pont and OS Zanderij will work with visual artist Marcel Pinas and students from the Nola Hatterman Art Academy to create four art installations with the emphasis on culture and children’s rights.

Inspired by several existing art installations by Marcel Pinas, the young students will create art works from bottles wrapped in traditional maroon pangi materials, dolls tightly wrapped and bound with cloths, spoons that are engraved with cultural symbolisms (for example symbols from maroon Afaka script) and Faaka tiki’s (totem poles) decorated with various materials and paint.

In keeping with Pinas’ theme of Kibri a kulturu (preservation of maroon culture and traditions) the project teaches the schoolchildren about traditional maroon culture. At the same time it is also designed to stimulate awareness and appreciation for one’s own culture and the students are encouraged to incorporate their own cultural elements into some of the work. They are furthermore introduced to unconventional art forms and are taught how to express themselves creatively with simple materials. The school project will be documented in a film named: In ieder kind schuilt een Pinas (There is a Pinas hidden in every child).

The educational project in Villa Zapakara runs from March 17 – April 19, Monday – Saturday between 9:30 and 12:00 in the morning. The art installations of the schoolchildren will be exhibited for the public in Villa Zapakara in the Easter vacation, from April 26 – 30.

The program in Villa Zapakara is the first activity of the larger art event called Marcel Pinas: Kibii Wi Koni, The Event. The event continues with a comprehensive exhibition in the Chamber of Commerce (KKF) from June 21 – 28, where the artist will present all his art installations previously exhibited in other countries, to the Surinamese public. This is followed by an exhibition of new work by Marcel Pinas in De Hal from June 29 – July 3. In August, the comprehensive exhibition is transferred to the city of Moengo after which it will make one last move to be exhibited in French Guiana.

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For more information about the school project please contact Dakaya Lenz at Villa Zapakara by telephone at: ++597 422 212 / (0)858 8721. For more information on Marcel Pinas: Kibii wi Koni, The Event please e-mail Marieke Visser at or telephone at ++597 (0)865 3357


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