Elsewhere … in Bergen, The Netherlands – ‘Kibri A Kulturu’ by Marcel Pinas

>>> Bergen

‘Kibri A Kulturu’ is a colorful exhibition of paintings by Marcel Pinas, in Bergen, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. Els and Vincent Vlasblom invite art lovers to visit the exhibition, Oude Prinsweg 23, Bergen, from  May 5 until June 5 2011, or after making an appointment by calling 06 5363 8800 or mailing  vlasblom@art-and-projects.nl. This event is sponsored by design firm Vlasblomderooij.


During the last years the work of Marcel Pinas has received international attention. He has exhibited in Washington, in France, in The Netherlands, and more. The central theme is always ‘Kibri A Kulturu’: preserving culture, which refers to the artist’s roots, as a descendant from one of the Maroon tribes in Suriname: the N’Dyuka people.

Marcel Pinas / PHOTO Courtesy Vincent Vlasblom
Marcel Pinas / PHOTO Courtesy Vincent Vlasblom

>>> Kemzeke

Meanwhile, the exhibition hosted by the Verbeke Foundation, Collection Vincent & Els Vlasblom – A Detail, shows work of Marcel Pinas, Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson ans Paco Vacas. This exhibition in Kemzeke, Belgium, consists of a selection of works from the collection of Els & Vincent Vlasblom.  Opening hours: May 01-July 31 2011, Thursday-Sunday, 11:00-18:00 hrs. E-mail: info@verbekefoundation.com. De Verbeke Foundation aims to be a place where culture, nature and ecology come together.


>>> Paramaribo 

In June this year Marcel Pinas will have two large exhibitions in Paramaribo, Suriname. These are part of Kibii Wi Koni | Marcel Pinas | The Event The first will be in the KKF-Building, from June 21-28 2011. Immediately following is an exhibition hosted by Readytex Art Gallery, in De Hal, June 29-July 3 2011. At the end of July the KKF-exhibition will travel to Moengo, in the Marowijne district, the district where Marcel Pinas was born. Visit this blog regularly for more updates!


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