Coming up soon: Reinier Asmoredjo’s solo exhibition ‘Spirits of the Sun’

Almost time for yet another memorable art exhibition hosted by Readytex Art Gallery. So art lovers, mark the date on your calendars and get ready for ‘Spirits of the Sun’, a delightful show by Reinier Asmoredjo!

Just as the title suggests, the emphasis in the new work of Asmoredjo is placed on the sun. Although the sun, similarly to flowers, fruit and birds, always plays an important role in Asmoredjo’s work, the positive strength and the energy radiating from the sun now definitely take center stage. Asmoredjo prefers to look at things from a more positive point of view: “People tend to complain so much about the sun. If it’s not too hot, then it’s too bright. I want to stress the positive aspects of the sun. The warmth, the strength and the energy it gives us to work towards a better future, that’s what is most important to me!  ”

Asmoredjo does indeed gain his inspiration from the sun. His studio, an open loft on the second floor of his home, is in and of itself a bright and sunny place. Sunlight streams in through windows on all sides of the space and royally sheds its light on the sketches, the paintings, the vases, and the artist himself. Asmoredjo has been busy working on his new collection for many months now and this is obvious from the many works of art standing and lying around. The energy he has put into, and is still putting into, his work is almost palpable throughout the neatly organized though tightly packed space. Aside from the many paintings already completed by the artist, there are also a significant number of striking sketches lying around. This is after all, how most of the work of Asmoredjo comes about. Ideas are carefully explored in numerous sketches on paper and from there they find their way onto a multitude of surfaces. The artist’s ideas are then truly brought to life in colorful acrylic paints on canvas, paper, wooden blocks as well as glass vases. Although the sun is not always literally on the foreground in the new collection, the multifaceted Surinamese beauty, in all its colorful facets and voluptuous forms, that thrives and blossoms under the warm glow of our tropical sun, definitely is! Strong feminine profiles with full lips, faces with expressions full of character, bountiful breasts round or long and other typical ‘Asmoredjo elements’ characterize the overall look.

The compositions are alternately abstract or figurative, but often also a combination of both. Surinamese women, birds and this time around especially the famous macaws from our tropical rainforest, flowers, breasts and the fiery, spherical sun, radiate their own light from the canvas unto the space where they are located. The positive energy of the sun is indeed the main theme of the works of art here, but it is also the strength of the work itself. The warmth, the positive energy, beauty, fertility, sometimes also sensuality and joy, radiate outwards from each colorful piece of art in the collection.

Spirits of the Sun is an exhibition no one should miss. For everybody who needs a boost, who needs a bit of genuine warmth, or who would simply like to enjoy something of beauty and something positive once again, the work of Asmoredjo, just like the sun, is bound to lift your spirits. Spirits of the Sun, keep it in mind! Follow future news releases from Readytex Art Gallery for more information on this upcoming solo-exhibition by Reinier Asmoredjo.

When: May 31st – June 5th

Where: De Hal, Grote Combéweg 45

Here is a small preview of what’s to come:

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