Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event continues in Moengo’s brandnew museum: CAMM (Contemporary Art Museum Moengo)

Starting from July 30th Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Eventis continued in Moengo. On this day a new exhibition will open in the old hall of the EBS at the Abraham Crijnssenlaan. Here the same installations that Marcel Pinas exhibited in the KKF in Paramaribo in June will once again be displayed. With this exhibition yet another of Marcel Pinas’ dreams is fulfilled.  The work Pinas has previously exhibited in other countries around the world has at last been presented in Paramaribo and now finally also in the district of Marowijne, the place and the source of inspiration that is of the most critical influence to the work of this artist.

But the opening of this third exhibition within the Kibii Wi Koni Event has a larger, more significant meaning, one that far exceeds the activities surrounding this Event.  In Marcel Pinas’ dreams Marowijne is to become THE art district of Suriname. An art district which includes an art park, a cultural center, educational center and also a museum. With the help of his Kibii Foundation Marcel Pinas has been working on the realization of his ideals for a few years now.  The Tembe Art Studio (TAS) in Moengo has been the hub of numerous educational art and culture activities for already over a year. Together with several local and international artists who join TAS as artists in residence and leave behind large art installations in Moengo’s public space, the art park as well, is steadily taking shape. And now, thanks to the great support of the EBS and the Suralco, Marcel Pinas has been given the opportunity to transform, rename and reopen the old hall of the EBS in Moengo on July 30th as CAMM-Contemporary Art Museum Moengo.

The work of Pinas is only the first art exhibition to take place in CAMM. The many art installations of Marcel Pinas that filled the KKF in June will come across in a whole new way in this surprising and different space.  One could easily presume that the work and the message of Marcel Pinas have now, in essence, finally come home. In the future the Museum will host contemporary art exhibitions from other local as well as international artists.

Marcel Pinas and a fantastic team in Moengo are working around the clock to get ready for the opening of CAMM and the third exhibition of Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event on July 30th (Photo:Ravi Radjkoemar)

On Saturday July 30th the official opening of CAMM will take place. The program starts at 16:00 hrs with the unveiling of the plaque of the Marowijne Art Park at Tembe Art Studio. Under the accompaniment of a Brass band and Majorettes the guests will gradually make their way from TAS, past the works of art from previous artists in residence Jhunry Udenhout and Charl Landvreugd, to the museum. Following several speeches and presentations, the official opening ceremony and the unveiling of the nameplate of CAMM will commence around 17:20 hrs. Once the guests have toured and enjoyed the exhibition, the evening will be continued in a festive manner with cultural and musical performances.

The exhibition of Marcel Pinas will be on display in CAMM until October 30th. The exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00-13:00 hrs and 16:00-19:00 hrs. The exhibition can be visited on other days and times by appointment.  Appointments can be arranged by Phone on the number 0894 5911.
After Moengo part of the exhibition will be transferred to French Guiana.

Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event was made possible by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

CAMM has been made possible in part thanks to the EBS and the Suralco.

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