POSITIONS Kurt Nahar meets Remy Jungerman

On Tuesday October 11th Readytex Art Gallery opens a new and unique exhibition in De Hal. Unique, because the exhibition is a meeting between two artists, one from Suriname and one from the Netherlands both with their roots in Suriname, but whose individual ties with their homeland are manifested in their art in totally different ways. In the exhibition POSITIONS Kurt Nahar meets Remy Jungerman the Surinamese public will become better acquainted with the ‘positions’ of Kurt Nahar from Suriname and Remy Jungerman who has been living and working in the Netherlands for over 20 years.  

Kurt Nahar and Remy Jungerman have previously collaborated during several different art activities. In 2008 Remy Jungerman was co-initiator of the Wakamanproject in which Kurt Nahar also participated. The result of this project was the exhibition Wakaman: drawing lines-connecting dots in the Surinamese Museum in 2009. Later that year Jungerman and Nahar worked together at the exhibition Licht aan Zee AA in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Now, in 2011, the artists meet each other in Suriname. The exhibition which was scheduled on Readytex Art Gallery’s calendar for Kurt Nahar this year becomes a duo show. The combination is interesting, because it is not intended that the artists choose one central combined theme, nor that any other conscious similarities will be displayed. Both artists have a distinctly unique style and primarily create installations, but their work is totally different. What will that mean for the overall look of the exhibition? How will the works of the artists ‘communicate’ with each other within the space? Will the contrasts jump into the foreground or will there turn out to be similarities after all? And what will the reaction of the public be? Interesting….

Nahar’s work is always daring. With provocative symbolisms he demands the attention of the public for subjects which he believes should be brought out into the open. The military coup of 1980, the role of the Netherlands therein and the tumultuous developments that followed, have always played an important role in his work. But Kurt Nahar has, in part because of his various residencies at art institutions abroad, grown significantly in the past few years. He increasingly places his themes within a broader perspective and his execution gives proof of a new maturity. The influence of Dadaism and his rebellious inclinations are still obvious, but his work is less chaotic and impulsive. The symbolism is more subtle, but no less confrontational and no less striking. He uses for example, a photograph of his deceased father to visualize the fading of memories, consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. In another work he creates, based upon the idea of Jesus and his disciples, an installation of dildo’s with which he explicitly reflects upon the current subject of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

 Remy Jungerman obtains his inspiration from Afro-religious elements of the traditional maroon culture in Suriname and African cultures in other countries around the World. At the same time also the Netherlands, other Western trends in art and modern communication technology, are of influence to his work. His work is mostly abstract and consists of a series of screen prints and multimedia art installations in which traditional and modern elements are brought together in a strikingly individual way. For the most part not literally or in their original form, but subtly integrated in contemporary designs. The abstract checkered pattern and colors from maroon patchwork and pangi designs for example, are removed from their original form and context and then, in a subtle and surprising way, find their way back into a contemporary installation of colorfully painted wooden slats. Traditional woodcarving patterns are combined with internet and other computer-related symbols in a rostrum and a wall installation. By continuously integrating traditional elements in his work in different ways and thereby removing some of their weighty cultural overtones, Jungerman hopes to take his work to a higher level and make it accessible to a larger more Universal audience.

POSITIONS Kurt Nahar meets Remy Jungerman is open to the public in De Hal at the Grote Combéweg 45, from Wednesday October 12th until Sunday October 16th from 19:00 – 21:00 hrs.

Exhibition program:

  • Wednesday the 12th and Friday the 14th of October: guided tours by art historian Rob Perrée / Time: 19:00 – 21:00 hrs
  • Thursday October 13th: Lecture by Adi Martis: In his lecture ‘Positions in Context: de Kunst van Kurt Nahar en  Remy Jungerman’ art historian Adi Martis elaborates upon the latest developments in the work of Remy and Kurt. The lecture will include topics such as: how does the work now, relate to their older Works and how does the work fit within the current developments in the international and the Caribbean art World / Time: 19:30 hrs
  • Saturday October 15th: Meet the artists, a conversation led by Alida Neslo, with the artists and the public about the politically engaged art of Kurt Nahar and the Afro-religious inspired work of Remy Jungerman / Time: 19:30 hrs.

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