Lloyd Fitzpatrick Elliot, October 26, 1977-November 22, 2011

Young, strong, full of life, full of promise, helpful, kind, and always, always that warm smile. Lloyd Fitzpatrick Elliot was well-known throughout Suriname’s art world for his work at Readytex Art Gallery: always there when an exhibition was being ‘built’, during opening hours (and long after) and then again when everything had to be taken down, Lloyd was there again. “A powerhouse”, someone said. His sudden departure from this world has left us all stunned.

About the text above Monique Nouh Chaia writes this: “On the 13th of november Lloyd Fitzpatrick Elliot posted a series of affirmations in his facebook status bar. I saw them then and i did not pay attention. I was distracted by something else that he posted. Now that he has left us it seems like a message he left us, something that he was inspired by. But for those who know him it is a text that describes the way he lived.”

Ada Korbee made the picture above: “Lloyd never asked to be in a picture. But during Kurt Nahar & Remy Jungerman’s exhibition Positions, Lloyd asked me to take a picture if him. I asked him to pick a location and he chose this spot, next to the poem in which human life is compared to a fly … He said he liked the words but we never got around talking about what exactly it was that spoke to him.”

A special connection there was too with Marcel Pinas. Lloyd was involved too – of course – in Marcel’s dream becoming real: Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event.


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