Opening on Friday, December 9th: EXPERIENCES a solo exhibition by artist Henna Brunings

Henna Brunings does not exhibit often, but when she does, she goes all out! EXPERIENCES are what Henna thrives on, what inspire her and what she translates unto her canvas.  And just like her experiences in life, in more than 30 years in the graphic design business and 10 years as a visual artist, the paintings presented in her latest exhibition are colorful, diverse and full of energy. And so when Henna Brunings does have an exhibition, you never know what to expect. And knowing or seeing one work of art from the collection in no way prepares you for all there will be to see at the exhibition. So give in to the anticipation and visit EXPERIENCES the new solo exhibition of Henna Brunings in De Hal, Grote Combéweg 45.

The official opening is on Friday the 9th of December and the exhibition is open to the public on Saturday December 10th from 7:00-9:00 pm and on Sunday December 11th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

The invitation includes the following text:

Welcome to EXPERIENCES, the third solo-exhibition in the painting career of Henna Brunings, exactly ten years after she first got started.  In approximately fifty surprisingly varied works of art in acrylics and mixed media on canvas as well as on paper, the artist presents the collection she has been working on for well over a year.

Henna Brunings is a woman of strong opinions, undeniable artistic talent and the critical eye of an experienced ‘creative professional’. She is a graphic designer and owner of her own design office Art Design from which for over 30 years now, she has been creating countless graphical productions for clients in several branches, with logo’s and house styles being her specialty. When after a busy week filled with obligations and assignments, Henna closes the doors of her design offices, she spends her weekends upstairs in her art studio and does what she enjoys most.  She paints, for that is her passion!

Henna does not have one single style. Her work does however attest of a great love for the experiment, for a harmonious though dynamic interplay between color and form, composition and texture.  No message or sensational and emotional stories to tell; no drama involving sorrow or an unhappy childhood, but just the intuitive creations of a confident and talented woman who expresses herself freely and without limitations with her paints and brushes on canvas. What this actually leads to is something that will without a doubt, surprise and fascinate all visitors at this new exhibition! Other than what people are used to seeing at most solo exhibitions, this new collection of Henna Brunings shows great variety in style, composition and inspiration. Figuration, abstraction, realism, form, technique, texture and an explosion of color, lure the eye from one corner to another; from one wall to the other! Where to begin? One thing is certain: Art lovers will have quite a lot to take in during their visit to this exhibition.

A selection of paintings from Experiences , the 2011 solo exhibition of Henna Brunings:

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Four years after her latest exhibition Henna starts her new collection with, remarkably enough, a painting inspired by the chaotic jumble of cords next to her computer (Spaghetti). And from that moment on the creative juices haven’t stopped flowing! With renewed inspiration she eagerly gets to work on her new collection. Her work can impossibly be categorized under one specific theme, but there are some similarities and sometimes also certain recognizable features. The canvas is wetted with water, dripping paint is strategically guided along the canvas, circles and lines are stamped across the surface, while numbers and letters add, as is usual for Henna, the finishing touch to many of the compositions.

She gets inspired by van Gogh, and paints a series of dreamy, impressionistic looking paintings in surprising color combinations, named ‘Dré ten’ (dry season). In yet another series she creates compositions with mythological figures and symbols reminiscent of ancient petroglyphs. And then the graphical designer in her prompts the creation of a modern and playful series of graphical prints and paintings that remind somewhat of the popular pop art creations of Britto.  Birds and mosquitoes are a reminder of earlier exhibitions, but this time around Henna is mainly driven by the urge work in a more abstract style. She plays with shapes and adds texture with among other things, sand and the cardboard from her wine cartons. She creates nuances of light and dark and a balance between carefully worked out details and quieter backgrounds. Not quickly or with uncomplicated ease, but step by step, according to a meticulous process. Layer goes on top of layer, image on top of image, until the final result is satisfactory. Quite unintentionally an image might sometimes come to the foreground that causes people to make certain associations, or rather urges the viewer to search for some meaning within the depth of its layers. This keeps the audience enthralled! But not just the audience; the artist herself is equally fascinated by all that her work conjures up in others.

But Henna Brunings is her own and probably most stern art critic. She has, in part also because of her profession, a keen eye and the pile of rejected painted canvases lying on a discarded heap to the side, are the silent witnesses of her straightforward self-criticism. Even so, the artist still seeks the critical opinions of her original instructor George Struikelblok and of renowned colleague Rinaldo Klas. Aside from positive feedback they also provide valuable tips. Then the collection is finally completed. In a striking display, the streamlined and dynamic, the modern and traditional, the abstract and realistic, are arranged daringly side by side and across from one another.

Henna looks upon the result of ten years as a visual artist with great satisfaction. And with even greater enthusiasm she looks forward to many more years; many more days and hours of each week, spent in creative collaboration with her paints and brushes in a world enriched by ‘EXPERIENCES’.

What: Solo exhibition ‘EXPERIENCES’ by Henna Brunings

Where: De Hal, Grote Combéweg 45

When: Opening night Friday December 9th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm / Saturday December 10th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm / Sunday December 11th 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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