Been there … ‘Soso Oso’ in Sukru Oso

“My houses have come home!” exclaimed Patricia Ma Ajong, when her exhibition Soso Oso was opened in Sukru Oso, Cornelis Jongbawstraat 16a, Paramaribo, Suriname.

'Soso Oso' / PHOTO Marieke Visser, 2012

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Visual artist Patricia  Ma Ajong has had – and still has – an intense and long lasting love affair with those typical old houses of Suriname. These houses are often the subject of her paintings. Recently, March 9 & 10, 2012, she exhibited these paintings, along with some other work showing nature and people, in Sukru Oso, a rebuilt garden shed in that old architectural style of the ‘Wooden City’. This is a new venue and it couldn’t have been a better backdrop for Ma Ajongs work.

With her exhibition Soso Oso, Patricia Ma Ajong hopes that visitors will become more aware of Suriname’s architectural heritage which is deteriorating every day. A large part of the revenue will be spent to help people rehabilitate and sustain these charming houses.

This exhibition was organized with the help of the owner of Sukru Oso, artist Els Tjon Joe Wai, Kenneth Oostburg and Marisa Pieplenbosch. Also Kiesel NV and the SAB company lent a helping hand.

Patricia Ma A jong was born in Suriname, South America and she finds her roots in many parts of the world.


6 thoughts on “Been there … ‘Soso Oso’ in Sukru Oso

  1. Surinam impressionism and realism offers a new slant on an old favorite.
    No one can resist the joy, brushwork and subject of Patricia’s work. I find this exhibition being one of my favorites because it is approachable and engaged us with cultural and historical narratives. A moment in time is captured, a new slant on an old favorite. Beautifully done!


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