‘Erase’ – Xavier Robles de Medina

In Sranan Art Xposed nr. 5, Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld wrote an article about visual artist Xavier Robles de Medina. This gifted young man, grandson of the famous Stuart Robles de Medina will, in one or two year, have in his possession two degrees from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design); a popular university for creative professions in Savannah, Georgia, USA. One in ‘Painting’ and one in ‘Animation’. Although Xavier lives abroad he feels very much connected to what is happening in his homeland, Suriname. This animation was posted recently, including a poem by Xavier.

I guess it works out
I guess it works out fine for you

Funny isn’t it?
We can change the past if we want to

The course of history
Just rewrite it

‘Cause if you weren’t there
And you didn’t see it with your own eyes,
How could you know?

But if we can change it,
We can erase it
I guess that’s an obvious thing for you to do

So let’s erase it all
Every little bit of it,
Let’s wipe it out

Slavery Genocide Oppression

Let’s wipe it clean,
pretend it never happened

Our Independence the Revolution Murder

Let’s erase it all

Collect the evidence, bribe the witnesses, burn the books
This might seem to the morally just, an act of the obscene,
But I guess it works out
I guess it works out fine for you

And when you’re done,
Why don’t you put on your best suit?
Then maybe you can pretend your hands are clean

Written by Xavier Robles de Medina
Alternative Media Exploration, Denise Carson
Savannah College of Art and Design
Sound by Jake Ellis

Is history not simply the retelling of an occurrence? Is it not in fact an abstraction of reality? And of that fickle entity, we abstract it even more by rewriting, filtering and editing history books. Who has control over what is included, and what is left out of secondary sources? “Erase” started as a poem I wrote, not simply about the capricious nature of history, but ultimately the abuse of it. Even though the poem alludes to dystopian works, it is firmly grounded in my own frustrations with politics, dishonesty, as well as abuse of power. The film asks of the viewer to consider history carefully; for an educated mind just might prevent a historic adversity from occurring twice.


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