The new SAX is out!

Here is the new SAX, Sranan Art Xposed, number six, and, even if we are the ones saying this: it is yet more beautiful and more exciting than the last edition!

If you want to receive your free digital copy, or if you want to be on our mailing list: drop us a line:

And, there’s more to come. Recently Sranan Art teamed up with Suriname HOT, a free glossy lifestyle magazine about Suriname (and everything HOT!) that will appear twice a year. Visit www, for the distribution points. In addition Sranan Art contributions will appear in EFM Magazine, a new quarterly magazine which contains a mix of news and interesting information about business, financial and tax issues, management, economics and policy. And of course, information on art and culture. Within two weeks the first edition will be available at the known distribution points.

Warm greetings and a lot of reading and viewing pleasure!

Marieke & the SAX ladies!


The SAX Ladies

2 thoughts on “The new SAX is out!

  1. Hi Marieke :
    Great ! Always busy. I will be glad to receive a copy (online). You know my email address. Much success. Regards Iris


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