Honorable Cum Laude graduation Mireille Hofwijk

On July 8, 2012 Mireille Hofwijk graduated Cum Laude from the department Architectural Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her graduation projects ‘Setting Encounters’ and Acoustic Staircase’ could be experienced during the graduation show from July 4-8, 2012.

In Suriname, where she was raised, she graduated in 2001 from the Arthur A. Hoogendoorn Atheneum. She then left for The Netherlands to study Medicine. After receiving her Masters Degree in Medical Sciences she decided to pursue her dream to become a designer.

Due to the layering of the two projects together, in addition to her overall performance throughout her study, Hofwijk was granted the honorable Cum Laude mention. 

‘Setting Encounters’ | PHOTO Collection Mireille Hofwijk, 2012

A transient seating arrangement where one gradually swings between personal and social distance. An arrangement which stimulates interaction and communication with the other people in the room. An especially designed ‘knot element’ makes it possible to turn any four-legged chair into a hanging chair.

‘Acoustic Staircase’ | PHOTO Collection Mireille Hofwijk, 2012

A layer of music adds more meaning to the daily passage through the stairwell, in this case an unused emergency staircase in the Rietveld building. Three sets of acoustic boxes and strings face the inner core, transforming this open space into a stage where people can visually and audibly connect while playing the strings.

EDITED by SAX/Marieke Visser, 2012


5 thoughts on “Honorable Cum Laude graduation Mireille Hofwijk

    1. Yes indeed. I never met her in person, we mailed so I could write this blog post about her fascinating graduation work. It is really a pity when talented people who carry so much promise in them leave this earth so early. We all wish her family and friends strength to cope with this loss.


  1. mireille set up a couple of acoustic staircases in the hague and turned those rising and descending spaces into instruments. very beautiful.
    may she rest in peace.


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