Wilgo Vijfhoven, Pauw
Acrylics on canvas

Readytex Art Gallery launches her second large solo exhibition for this year. From August 7 thru 12, De Hal at the Grote Combéweg will be, literally and figuratively, filled with red …. Because this is where visual artist Wilgo Vijfhoven will present his latest art collection to the public in an exhibition called ROOD (RED).Short and sweet, but this title could not be any more appropriate.  ROOD refers to the strong color that dominates the imagery of Wilgo Vijfhoven, but could just as easily refer to the theme and to the emotions that this color conjures up for the artist and probably for the public as well.  

Women are consistently the main theme in the art of Wilgo Vijfhoven. And although the title and first glance might create the impression that Wilgo is obsessed with the color red, there will also be many who think that this quiet and soft spoken artist is more than anything, obsessed with women. That these two elements, the color red and women are both characteristic in his paintings, is indeed no coincidence.  “That is just Wilgo! I love women and I love the color red. Red and other bright colors bring life to a space”, says the artist. Red is often associated with love and passion, but also with power, perseverance and a strong will.  Wilgo Vijfhoven says that he usually does not overanalyze his motivations, that he simply enjoys painting women as nature made them: naked. But still he often talks about women who, despite being caught up in difficult social circumstances, have the strength to survive and to overcome, and in many cases raise their kids on their own.

This time around Vijfhoven does add something different: a cultural touch. He introduces an interesting element in this collection. He uses the graphical patterns of traditional Maroon pangi cloths in almost every composition. He also creates a series of paintings of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Wilgo Vijfhoven, Dyadya uma
Acrylics on canvas, 2012

And in addition to cultural elements, he also includes paintings in which elements from nature are beautifully portrayed. He experiments with themes and techniques from his earlier years, such as bamboo, roosters and umbrella’s. Splashing with paint in certain areas of the canvas is something he did previously as well, and typical Surinamese houses will always remain an important subject in his work.
There are also some subtle changes in his more recognizable paintings of women.  The figures are more clearly defined and occasionally the female form is outlined in contrasting lines of oil pastel. The composition is initially inspired by the way in which the bright colors of the diluted acrylic paint – which the artist applies directly to the canvas – settle and mix on top of the canvas.  The powerful red and the contrasting green, yellow and blue in addition to the darker sections, add a strong sense of drama to the work.  Careful observers may even discover other subtle forms, for example birds, in the paintings.

Last but not least, Vijfhoven will also surprise his public with several three-dimensional art works for which he was inspired by typical Surinamese children’s games.

With his new works of art Wilgo Vijfhoven shares with his public his passion and the explosive strength of ROOD (RED).

 ROOD is open to the public from Wednesday the 8th until Sunday the 12th of August from 19:00 – 21:00 hrs. 


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