Been there – ‘Come Together’

One of the more surprising exhibitions of last year was Come Together in the Mitra building, Paramaribo. Six young(ish) people, emerging artists, most of them specialized in photography, but also some painters, exhibited from November 27 until December 3, 2012 in a location previously not known as an art location. Some of the elements that triggered positive reactions were the peaceful atmosphere and the spaciousness of the venue. One could just wander through the rooms, looking, pondering, enjoying the almost one hundred works of art, without being distracted by loud music or noisy fellow visitors. Approximately two hundred visitors saw Come Together and I am sure that the majority looks forward to the next exhibition by this group.


Se-Sergio Baldew

Se-Sergio Baldew (31) is specialized in photography. Different kinds of photography but especially: macro photography. He loves to make images which show details of the human body. But … a good sunset or a beautiful building is something Se-Sergio will use his camera for too. In Leuven Se-Sergio finished his Master of Science in Physiotherapy. His daily work is at the Anton de Kom University at the Faculty of Medical Science.

Enver Lieuw

Enver Lieuw is a software engineer in his daily life. But when he has a moment to spare he loves to take pictures, especially nature photography. He has been photographing for five years now. The Come Together exhibition was his first exhibition. “For me it was foremost a way to show my work to the audience.” He hasn’t participated in workshops or trainings but looks very closely what his colleagues do and their work inspires him.

Ginoh Soerodimedjo

Ginoh Soerodimedjo’s passion for drawing started from the moment he could hold a pencil. In 2003 he graduated from the Academie voor Hoger Kunst- en Cultuuronderwijs (AHKCO). Since fifteen years he has been working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer. Art, according to Ginoh, is part of life: a creative way to express thoughts and feelings and an opportunity to communicate a message to the audience. About the work he showed at Come Together he says: “The works are not necessarily realistic, but most of the times a message can be discovered.”

Ginoh Soerodimedjo’s digital signature

Lucius Wouden

Lucius Wouden works as a supervisor but has been busy in his spare time with digital photography for more than four years now. He likes to make nature shots, especially sunrise and sunset. But just as easily he will do glamorous photo shoots with models. Specialties: action photography, perfect timing, and to work without the use of photo correction (e.g. Photoshop). He is a member of the SUFOV foundation, for photographers. In June 2012 he participated in the photo exhibition Keep the moment.

Agnes Yang / Senga

Agnes Yang (SENGA) paints at the Nola Hatterman Art Academy (NHAA) under supervision by Wilgo Vijfhoven. She started in 2009 at the Soeki Irodikromo Volksacademie, Sana Budaya, where Humphrey Tawjoeram was her teacher. Her style is semi abstract and she mostly uses acrylic paint on canvas. Her first exhibition was in 2011 when she participated in Nature & Emotions in the Instituto Venezolano para la Cultura y la Cooperacion (IVCC) in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Kimberly Yang

Kimberly Yang paints, just like her mother Agnes, at the Nola Hatterman Art Academy (NHAA) under supervision of Wilgo Vijfhoven. She started with Vijfhoven in March 2011 and also participated in the Nature & Emotions exhibition in June 2011. Her style tends more to (photo) realism, but in the near future she wants to explore other styles. Yin and yang are her inspiration, which one can detect in her paintings.

The Visitors

A very fun idea was a room where visitors could make their own art work or just sit down and find their way through a maze …

Ginoh Soerodimedjo, 'Maze', 2012 | IMAGE Courtesy Ginoh Soerodimedjo, 2012
Ginoh Soerodimedjo, ‘Maze’, 2012 | IMAGE Courtesy Ginoh Soerodimedjo, 2012


One thought on “Been there – ‘Come Together’

  1. Thanks for posting/ blogging about our exhibition. I just couldn’t resist to still provide the titles of the works from Lucius Wouden, Agnes Yang and Kimberly Yang.
    From Lucius Wouden they are respectively: “The Strike”, “Dancing Ara”, “Enjoying the Sunset”.
    From Agnes Yang it starts with “The Color Purple”, then your have “Waiting”, “Triple Bamboo” and “Orange Bamboo”.
    Kimberly Yang’s projected paintings are titled “Enjoying the Sunset”, “Balanced Anaula” and “Paulie”.
    Big thanks again to everybody who came by and who supported us.


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