‘Sea Turtles’ by Anand Binda

Visual artist Anand Binda‘s work Sea Turtles won an award during the ShowArt Internacional en Gijón 2013. This was an exhibition in Gijón, Spain, fromMarch 4-April 4, 2013, where many South American countries participated. ShowArt Internacional is run by an Argentine art organization. A panel consisting of three art experts chose Binda’s work from a selection of forty works.
Anand Binda, ‘Sea Turtles’, acrylic on linen, 50x70cm, 2010 | PHOTO Courtesy Artist
Anand Binda, ‘Sea Turtles’, acrylic on linen, 50x70cm, 2010 | PHOTO Courtesy Artist
It is the third time Anand Binda works with this organization. The way ShowArt Internacional works is as follows: the organization approches artists whose work they have seen on websites. They make a selection and invite the artist to send a digital image of the work which is printed on canvas ensuring a high quality reproduction. The participating artists pay an entrance fee and part of the revenues is donated to a good cause. For instance, when Anand Binda participated in Mexico, a donation was made for Mexican children who live on the street.
Participating artists for ShowArt Internacional en Gijón 2013 are listed below. Their work can be seen here, in a slideshow.

Melissa Amado – Panama

Francisco das Chagas Batista Junior – Brasil

Eugenia Belden – Mexico

Anand Binda – Suriname

Liliana Bos – Argentina

Mayoli V. Bruguera – Mexico

Lupita De Colombres – Mexico

Claudia Costantini – Argentina

Susana D´Momo – Argentina

Liliana Etcheguía – Argentina

Miguel de Lanú – Chile

Elsa  Ottonello – Argentina

Emilio Héctor Rodríguez – Cuba – USA

Sofía Rébora – Argentina

Lilian Reisenweber – Argentina

Magaly Santos – Venezuela – USA

Carmen Sasieta – Peru –USA

Carlos Gigena Seeber – Argentina

Osvaldina Servián – Paraguay

Gonzalo Fonseca Torres – Colombia

Stella Zunino – Argentina

Coordination: Cinta Agell & Susana Weingast

The original work Sea Turtles was last exhibited in Royal House of Arts, a venue which has now closed its doors. From June 3-7, 2013, it will be part of the Apna Kala exhibition, to commemorate 140 years of East-Indian immigration.


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