Coming Up: ‘Precious Earth’ by Paul Chang

What: Solo exhibition Precious Earth by Paul Chang

When: Opening night by invitation: October 9, 2013, . Exhibition: October 10-October 12, 2013, opening hours: 10:00-13:00 hrs and 18:00-21:00 hrs

Where:  De Hal (Facebook), Grote Combéweg 45, Paramaribo

Read more in de Ware Tijd, October 8, 2013. Dutch language only.

And also on Starnieuws, October 6, 2013.

A preview can be seen on Vimeo: Precious Earth.

Paul Chang, 'Infinty', 2013
Paul Chang, ‘Infinty’, 2013

Press release – Visual artist Paul Chang once again exhibits his work in Suriname

From October 9th until October 12th, a little over two years since his last exhibition in Suriname,  Surinamese artist Paul Chang once again holds an exhibition in De Hal (Facebook) at the Grote Combéweg in Paramaribo.  In this solo exhibition named Precious Earth, Paul Chang presents the public with approximately 45 new works of art that have never been shown in Suriname before. The artist who has been living and working in Fort Lauderdale in the USA for some time now, had his last Surinamese exhibition in 2011 and more recently, in 2012, a large solo exhibition in the Netherlands at the Nola Hatterman Galerie in Amsterdam. The art of Paul Chang is often shown in the USA and other countries as well, and in Suriname his work is represented by Readytex Art Gallery, where new work from the artist is available on a regular basis.

The theme in the art of Paul Chang is always centered around nature, and just like nature itself, his works consistently radiate a serene atmosphere of tranquility and beauty.  With acrylic paint he transfers the flora and fauna that form his greatest source of inspiration, unto his canvases in harmonious, colorful compositions, in which the figurative and the abstract are often combined.

Again, it is nature which directs the theme of this new collection. According to the artist, the focus in Precious Earth is on the amazing splendor and beauty we can observe here on earth, but at the same time, he emphasizes also the vulnerability of our ecosystem. He wants to make mankind conscious of their role within this process: “People will definitely have to take on a different attitude and adjust their behavior accordingly to preserve all this beauty.” If you would like to see how the artist incorporates this message into his art, be sure to visit this exhibition!


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