Presentation of art work by children Stichting voor het Kind

On Tuesday October 1, 2013, children from Stichting voor het Kind [Foundation for the Children] presented the works of art they had been working on during the previous months. Artists/trainers Rinaldo Klas (visual artist and director of the Nola Hatterman Art Academy) and Leonnie van Eert (agogical worker and artistic counselor) work with the children on a weekly basis. For these children, who have met with difficult problems in their daily lives and find a refuge at the foundation, it is very important to be able to express themselves. And also, it means the world to them that they are able to make something which then is enjoyed by others.

Quota International of Suriname (Quota) funded the necessary materials and the teachers who helped the children, as they have done in the past too. They will try to raise enough funds to carry on with this marvelous project.

More information: Starnieuws, October 2, 2013. Dutch language only.


P1060838 P1060840 P1060837 P1060833 P1060834 P1060835P1060836

P1060820 P1060823

P1060822 P1060821 P1060825 P1060826 P1060827 P1060828 P1060829 P1060830 P1060831 P1060832

Read our Sranan Art blog post about the exhibition by the children of Stichting voor het Kind last year.


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