Exhibition ‘The Year of Jules Chin’, Royal Torarica, February 22-28, 2014

Exhibition 'The Year of Jules Chin', Royal Torarica, February 22-28, 2014

What: Exhibition Het Jaar van Jules Chin [The Year of Jules Chin], with works by Jules Chin A Foeng
When: February 22-28, 2014, 11:00-14:00 hrs and 17:00-21:00 hrs
Where: Royal Torarica, Paramaribo

An excerpt from my book, Talent; Uit de kunstcollectie van de Centrale Bank van Suriname, Paramaribo (Centrale Bank van Suriname), 2007, about Jules Chin A Foeng (Paramaribo, February 20, 1944-Paramaribo, July 28, 1983) (TEXT Marieke Visser/TRANSLATION Annemarie Reeder):

Whenever one has a conversation about art with a Surinamese artist, the name of Jules Chin A Foeng is mentioned in a positive manner. Chin A Foeng was a painter who produced an impressive and very varied oeuvre. He also inspired several generations of artists and other committed Surinamese people. Jules Chin A Foeng started his education as an artist at the Cultureel Centrum Suriname, but at the age of sixteen he felt obliged to move to the Netherlands for further development of his talent. He became a student of the Art Academy in Tilburg and the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After returning to his native country in the 1960s he set out to create more training opportunities for students in Suriname. He initiated three major art schools in his home country viz. the Surinaamse Academie voor Beeldende Kunst (SABK), the Nationaal Instituut voor Kunst en Kultuur (NIKK) and the Academie voor Hoger Kunst en Cultuur Onderwijs (AHKCO) .

In his work he has known various style forms, the whole range from expressionism to cubism and from the abstract to the super realistic. But throughout the multitude of styles Chin A Foeng kept searching for the Surinamese identity. He designed the monument erected on February 25, 1981 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the revolution. On the location of the police headquarters which had been destroyed by fire, he created a work of art around the old pillars of the historic building.

Jules Chin A Foeng also expressed himself as a poet.

en proef hitte
van ‘t bloed
ik adem nog
ruk de ziel
niet uit dit lichaam
bloemen in mijn hand
het licht in mijn ogen
want ik ben
de profeet van morgen

(Uit: Wanneer de rukwind komt door Juanchi. Paramaribo, Drukkerij Atlas, 1971)

and taste heat
from the blood
i am still breathing
tear the soul
not from this body
flowers in my hand
the light in my eyes
because i am
tomorrow’s prophet

(From: Wanneer de rukwind komt by Juanchi. Paramaribo, Drukkerij Atlas, 1971. TRANSLATION Marieke Visser, 2007)


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