Elsewhere, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: ‘Tekeningen op tafel’ [Drawings on the table]

What: Tekeningen op tafel [Drawings on the table], a group exhibition with work by Neil Fortune, Paul Nassenstein, Tammo Schuringa a.o.

When: Opening: Friday October 3, 17:00-19:00 hrs, with a performance by Ina van den Heuvel. Saturday & Sunday October 4 & 5, 12:00-17:00 hrs 

Where: Buiksloterkerk,Buiksloterkerkpad 10, Amsterdam



An exhibition with 36 artists who present works on paper. Unframed or matted on tables. In order to protect the works, there is only a glass plate over the drawing. Straight from the workbench in the workshop to the presentation table in the church. This elementary and uniform method of presentation emphasizes the focused, intuitive and direct apects of the drawing process. The artists come from different disciplines and show a wide range of works on paper. They are also present to answer questions. Visitors can also, without the intervention of third parties, buy work. The prices of the drawings range from € 1 to € 1000 in consultation with the artist, a frame can be an additional charge.


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