The new Sranan Art Xposed has arrived, nr. 10, January 2015

January 15, 2015 at 11:16 pm (Interesting reads) ()

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Dear SAX-readers!

We start the year on a positive note and ring in 2015 with a once again beautiful and well-filled edition of Sranan Art Xposed. We wish you an artistic and creative new year in which ART may play a large role. Because: “What would EARTH be without ART? EH …”

Much reading- and looking pleasure!

On behalf of the SAX-team, Marieke













Download your English edition of SAX 10 here: SAX 10 English edition jan15

Download your Dutch version of SAX 10 here: SAX 10 Nederlandse editie jan15

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Dear Reader – A word in advance by Marieke Visser
Outspoken – Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld talks with Razia Barsatie about her Moengo-residency
Preview – Chandra van Binnendijk talking with Els Tjong Joe Wai
On-sight – Exhibitions in Suriname
Bits & Pieces – Short updates from the art world in Suriname
From the Collection – At home with Ruud Souverein
In the District – A visit to the rastas in Pikin Slee
Agenda Sranan – What there is to do in Suriname
Beyond Borders Inspired – Jon Daamen in South-Africa
Beyond Borders On-sight – Rob Perrée about the exhibition of Remy Jungerman
Beyond Borders On-sight – Rob Perrée about Diana Blok
Beyond Borders Agenda – Activities Beyond Borders
Good Reads – Books, magazines, reports: letters about art
An Eye for Art – Learning how to look at art: Sri Irodikromo
Connected – The virtual world

Children of the spider Anansi are we 

and the wider world is our web 

love, lust or fate

takes us to the farthest points 

where ever we may go in that worldly web 

everywhere there are threads to grasp 

and threads to let go 


(A verse of the Ashanti-people in Ghana)


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  1. ‘Possible Paradise’, Photography by Diana Blok | Srananart's Blog said,

    […] Previously published in digital art magazine SAX Sranan Art Xposed, January 2015, nr. 10 […]


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