Solo exhibition Isan Corinde – ‘Lolo’

What: Lolo, the sequel to Oso Tori and Avo Sondi, paintings and objects by Isan Corinde (also on Facebook)
When: Opening June 3, 19:00 hrs with a performance Womi by Tolin Alexander, exhibition: June 3, 4 & 5, 19:00-22:00 hrs
Where: Sukru Oso, Cornelis Jongbawstraat 16a, Paramaribo, Suriname



In de Ware Tijd an article was published about Isan’s new show.  PHOTOS Stefano Tull


Isan Corinde in ront of one of the owrks from 'Avo Sondi' / PHOTO Guillaume Pool, 2015

In 2012 Isan graduated from the Nola Hatterman Art Academy. With his own resources he started a project in Brownsweg, Brokopondo, giving art lessons for school children. This project was ‘Isan ku de mii’ [Isan and the children].

In April 2014 he unveiled an installation in Brokopondo which he had made with the school children: ‘Dii fosu posu futu’.

Isan also participated in the group exhibition Art Boost, with Shaundell Horton, Dakaya Lenz and Jeanet Oord, in Grand Riverside Hotel, Paramaribo, Suriname, May 2013.


On Sranan Art’s Flickr page there’s a photo report with photos by Edwien Bodjie and Ada Korbee about Avo Sondi.

Isan Corinde and Convey (Dervin Sno) started a video project in 2014: ‘PROJECT: ISAN 014’.


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