Tembe Tori, August 2016, number 13 has arrived

A new issue of newsletter Tembe Tori is out! Number 13 has an udate about the artists-in-residence in Moengo, and looks at the upcoming Moengo Festival, September 23, 24 & 25, 2016! Download your pdf here: Tembe_Tori, August 2015, number 13.


What: Moengo Festival 2016 ‘Poku fu kenki II’

When: September 23, 24 & 25, 2016

Where: Moengo, Marowijne, Suriname


In April 2012 the first edition of Tembe Tori was published. One page, printed with black ink on both sides, with news about former mining town Moengo. During a few months Tembe Tori was distributed regularly in the Moengo community and in Paramaribo. A good way to reach the people in Moengo, a small town in the Marowijne district in Suriname, where artist Marcel Pinas has established the Kibii Foundation, the Tembe Art Studio, the Contemporary Art Museum Moengo and the Marowijne Art Park. Although Tembe Tori served its purpose well, the 9th edition just never came … Until June 2015.

Tembe Tori, number 9 is now a fact. And starting with this edition, the newsletter has four pages and is printed in full color. In addition, Tembe Tori is currently also available digitally so people anywhere in the world can read up on what’s happening in Moengo. Available in Dutch only, Tembe Tori will be published monthly until at least September when the Moengo Festival will be held for the 3d time.

Distribution points:

Tori Oso (Facebook), Frederik Derbystraat 76, Paramaribo // Zus & Zo (Facebook), Grote Combéweg 13a, Paramaribo // Readytex Art Gallery (Facebook), Steenbakkerijstraat 30, Paramaribo // Moengo Festival-kantoor (PAS-gebouw) (Facebook), Verlengde Keizerstraat 92, Paramaribo // Tembe Art Studio, Moengo
Back issues:

Tembe_Tori_13_print 1 - Copy

Tembe_Tori_13_print 2 - Copy

Tembe_Tori_13_print 3 - Copy

Tembe_Tori_13_print 4


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