Book launch & retrospective Asyla ten Holt (update)

Surrounded by a pleasant crowd, Asyla ten Holt handed over her full color illustrated prose writings to Mr. France Olivieira. Olivieira was the first person to receive the book because he ‘polished’ the content of the publication. 

The organizers from the Claudetta Toney Multifunctional Center in Paramaribo, Suriname, received a mono-graphic work of art art as well as a thank you for their services and space. In the near future workshops for kids will be held there. The center also offers music lesson besides being available for exhibits and other events.

A collage of the presentation on July 8, 2017, with poet Sombra and anthropologist/linguist France Olivieira flanking Asyla ten Holt / PHOTO Courtesy Asyla ten Holt, 2017

What: Book launch ‘Enliven Emotions’ & retrospective of mono-graphics by Asyla ten Holt

When: Saturday July 8, 2017, 19:00-21:00 hrs

Where: Claudetta Toney Multifunctioneel Centrum, Willem Kraanplein 1, Paramaribo, Suriname



Asyla ten Holt: “My art is about daily and personal life experiences in the Dutch Caribbean. My work is abstract-figurative, a mixture of realistic and surrealistic. There are hints of a holistic and sociopolitical approach.”

“I make a living by giving workshops in Arts therapies and Holistic bodyworks, while another part is through gaining funds for the Arts and my Authorship.”


AtH steer in the water till it's clear
Asyla ten Holt, ‘Steer in the water till it’s clear’. Asyla on the meaning of the title: “Focus on issues to come to terms with them.” / PHOTO Courtesy Asyla ten Holt

Read more in the article by Audry Wajwakana in de Ware Tijd, July 6, 2017

dWT 06 juli 2017 AdWT 06 juli 2017 B




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