‘Our Cultural Heritage’, by Position 125

What: Exhibition Our Cultural Heritage, by Position 125 (Facebook Event)
When: August 9 until 11, 2017 19:00-22:00 hrs
Where: De Hal, Grote Combéweg 45, Paramaribo, Suriname

Exhibition visual arts, hosted by Vereniging Herdenking Javaanse Immigratie (VHJI) in rembrance of 127 years of Javanese immigration.



Program Art Exhibition Our Cultural Heritage

Wednesday August 9, 2017

19:00 hrs – Opening Art exhibition / Vernissage


Thursday August 10, 2017

09:00-13:00 hrs – Art exhibition

09:00-12:00 hrs – Workshop Photography for children

19:00-22:00 hrs – Art exhibition

20:00-22:00 hrs – Art Jam


Friday August 11, 2017

09:00-13:00 hrs – Art exhibition

09:00-12:00 hrs – Workshop Photography for children

19:00-22:00 hrs – Art exhibition

20:00-21:00 hrs – Art Jam / Auction of artwork made during Art Jam

22:00 hrs – Closing of the art exhibition

For additional (current) information please look on our Facebook-page.

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Visual Arts exhibiton:
– Ardie Setropawiro
– August Bohé
– Cliff Rasidin
– Dani Djojoatmo
– Johan Doelrajak
Kim Sontosoemarto
– Ray Daal
Reinier Asmoredjo
René Tosari
Soeki Irodikromo
Sri Irodikromo
Steven Towrijo
– Suhada Kasto

– Sato Atmopawiro – In Memoriam –

Photography exhibition:
– Donavan Mariman
Hedwig PLU de La Fuente
– Ken Pardi

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From the brochure: Proud of Our Cultural Heritage, of artist collective Position 125

On August 9th we commemorate the 127th anniversary of Javanese immigration. It is, as we see it, not just a day of historical significance for those of us who are Javanese, but for all of Suriname. On this day we commemorate an important part of Suriname’s history. One that reminds us of the colonial trade and population politics that had far-reaching consequences not only for the immigrants and their descendants, but also for Surinamese society as a whole. What we are today, and how we develop as Surinamese Javanese, is inextricably linked to our history. Surinamese history and Surinamese society would look quite different without the arrival of people from different parts of the world, all of whom have contributed, and still contribute, to the formation and the development of the Surinamese nation. After 127 years of Javanese history in Suriname, it can be ascertained that those of Javanese descent make a significant contribution to the cultural development of the country.

Commemorating the 127th anniversary of immigration, is thus also a commemoration of 127 years of cultural experiences and of all that we have sustained throughout the years as representatives; everything that has ultimately made us into what we are today: Surinamers of Javanese descent, proud of our cultural heritage.

This year, Position 125, an artist collective that originated from the 2015 art festival under the same name, decided to join in the theme of the ‘Vereniging Herdenking Javaanse Immigratie’ [Association for the Commemoration of Javanese Immigration] (VHJI – Sana Budaya) for its 2017 commemorative activities: Proud of Our Cultural Heritage.

This year the exhibition Our Cultural Heritage is organized under the auspices of the VHJI. The participating artists, whether they were or are already working with their cultural heritage, allowed themselves to be inspired by this theme for the work that they created on canvas, on textile, in ceramics, and other materials.

It is also the first time that photographers were asked to contribute to the exhibition. The exhibition shows work from photographers Donovan Mariman, Hedwig “PLU” de la Fuente and Ken Pardi.

Also included in the exhibition is work from an artist who is no longer with us. Sato Atmopawiro passed away in 2015. Somewhere in an artist’s drawer, dozens of drawings and airbrush paintings on paper from this artist were found. These drawings have never been exhibited before. Position 125 selected 3 works from the series for the exhibition.

Workshop Photography for children

This year professional photographers will once again give free photography workshops to children. On the recommendation of the VHJI 2 schools have been invited to participate in these workshops, which will take place in the mornings on Thursday and Friday.

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Art Jam

In an Art Jam during the opening hours of the exhibition, the participating artists will paint on various items such as cigar boxes. These items will be sold to the highest bidder.

In short, we kindly invite you, sugeng rawoh, to the exhibition Our Cultural Heritage!

Finally, we congratulate the entire Surinamese community with 127 years Javanese Immigration and we also wish everyone a pleasant Day of the Indigenous. Matur nuwun, thank you!

TRANSLATION Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld

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