Art Exhibition – Erik Kuiper, Maikel Tjin & Femia Wesenhagen

What: ART Exhibition by Erik Kuiper (Erik D. Eye / People of the Caribbean), Maikel Tjin (Maikel Kiew A Sen) & Femia Wesenhagen
When: Saturday December 2, 13:00-19:00 hrs & Sunday December 3, 10:00-17:00 hrs
Where: SMS-ramp ground floor, under Jiji’s Restaurant, Waterkant, Paramaribo, Suriname


Three artists will present their art in different ways this weekend, at the SMS-ramp in Paramaribo, Suriname: Erik Kuiper (Erik D. Eye), Maikel Tjin (Maikel Kiew A Sen) and Femia Wesenhagen.

Erik Kuiper, who is a photographer, will use photos of different techniques that he has taken during his travels through the Caribbean, but also in Suriname.

Maikel Tjin will present the human body in charcoal drawings. It is important to this artist that the male body is also highlighted in art. Often the male body in comparison to the female body is not considered graceful and is therefore used much less in works of art.

Femia Wesenhagen will present the woman in her paintings. Different facets of women have inspired her: women as mother, daughter, sister, but also as a dancer, and as an ordinary woman, which is a beautiful contrast with what Maikel shows.

It is the first time that Femia participates in an exhibition in Suriname. She has participated in Trinidad, for Maikel it is the second time and for Erik as well. Each artist has his own title for their exhibition. Femia has named her presentation An Imperfect Perfection, Maikel: The Beauty of Man and Erik: Capturing the Caribbean.

Femia wil give a portion of her proceeds from the expo to a one-year-old boy, Lucas Banket, who has cancer and needs treatment in Columbia.

On Sunday afternoon, Erik will shoot a portrait photo specially for the guests who come there for SRD 50, which they will receive digitally from him.


expo erik 5
Erik, Maikel & Femia


expo erik 1
Erik Kuiper
expo erik 2
Maikel Tjin
expo erik 3
Femia Wesenhagen
Femia Wesenhagen
In: ‘Times of Suriname’, December 1, 2017

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