‘Six Words For Love’ by Arline Winkel

What: Six Words for Love by Arline Winkel (Facebook event). Hosted by Arline & Leeuw en Blauw

When: Friday October 5, 2018, 18:00-22:30 hrs, Saturday October 6, 2018, 18:00-22:30 hrs & Sunday October 7, 2018, 14:00-22:00 hrs

Where: Fort Zeelandia, Abraham Crijnssenweg 1, Paramaribo, Suriname

AW 42489180_270156580274443_2805876570831454208_n

AW 4bceb264-aed1-4671-94e3-bc8439cd2e52.jpg

The first solo exhibition of Arline Winkel where she gives her, often very personal, view on the six words for love that the ancient Greeks had. Colorful paintings and sculptures, sometimes subtle and sometimes not at all. With word art from Koloku. For 16 years and older.

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