Call for entry The Art Exhibition for Disabled Artists in 2019 International ParaArt TOKYO



downloadWhat: Call for entry The Art Exhibition for Disabled Artists in 2019 International ParaArt TOKYO in Japan (on Facebook)

When: Application deadline: the application must be submitted by November 20, 2018. Exhibition: February 1 thru 5, 2019

Outlook-1507218006More info: Surinamese artists who want to apply are invited to fill in the application for below. Or they may contact the Suriname Red Cross Society, Gravenberchstraat 2-6, Paramaribo, Suriname. Tel. + 597 498 520 | Fax + 597 464 780 | Whatsapp: + 597 854 2420 | E-mail:

In 2009, the first international ParaArt Exhibition with artworks from 16 countries & regions was held in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, the total number of about 700 artworks from all over the world were exhibited in Tokyo through four international ParaArt Exhibitions.

This exhibition aims at promoting the social inclusion of persons with disabilities through their art works. Considering such aim, the Japanese Red Cross Society has decided to give nominal support to the event. It would be great if you could disseminate the information of this event to the relevant people in your country through your National Society and encourage them to apply for the exhibition. For the details, please refer to the organization committee directly as attached.

As Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games are coming in 2020, we are planning to host a major international exhibition, 2020 International ParaArt TOKYO. In coming February 2019, Tokyo will host the international art exhibition, 2019 International ParaArt TOKYO as a pre-event of 2020 International ParaArt TOKYO. For the exhibition, we encourage the artists with disabilities around the world to apply. In particular, talented children with disabilities are welcome. In the exhibition, there also will be a contest to choose winners which will be selected by the panel of judges from various fields of arts.

Call for entry-Application Outline
Children (Aged from 11 to 17 years old) with disability
Adult (Aged from 18 years old & up) with disability
(The type of disability is not the eligibility criteria.)

Paint, Calligraphy
Each painting work must NOT exceed 81 cm × 65 cm
Each calligraphy work must NOT exceed 70 cm X 135 cm (Zenshi Size)

Fill in the 2019 ParaArt TOKYO Entry Form:
Send the form, the image data of the work (JPEG, TIFF, PNG format) & if possible, the self portrait of the applicant by email.
Email address (Executive Committee Office at Nippon Charity Kyokai)

The application must be submitted by November 20, 2018.

The participants of the exhibition will be selected among all the applications.
The result will be notified by email in Early December 2018.

The successful candidate sends own work to Executive Committee Office at Nippon Charity Kyokai, arriving before December 28, 2018.

The selected applicants must send the works at own costs.
After the exhibition, the works will be returned to applicants at our cost. The freight insurance will cover the damages & losses during the delivery up to US$100.
Applicants agree that Nippon Charity Kyokai may use images of works for its website, publications & other medium for promotional purposes.

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