‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / ‘The Carriers of the Image’ – 1 – Introduction

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De Dragers van het Beeld, in English: The Carriers of the Image, is an art exhibition that was held in the foyer of Theatre Thalia, from April 28 until May 7, 2017. It was part of the celebration of 180 years Theatre Thalia. Eight visual artists worked with the theme of death, and more: resurrection from death, new life …

Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi wrote a series of columns that we will be sharing on the SAX-blog. Today part 1. Please find the Dutch text under the English text. 

Dragers van het beeld

A Sparkling New Life

Alakondre [literally meaning: of all countries] is the word that we should use to brand Suriname’, said Alida Neslo. With that statement she found an immediate ally within me. This alliance would be continued, as I became the coordinator for visual arts of a team dedicated to celebrate the 180th anniversary of Theatre Thalia in a fitting way. The celebration of 180 years Thalia should breathe new and sparkling life into the theatre.

The Theme

In many cultures death is seen as the end of one life and the beginning of another new life. As a team dedicated to the celebration of 180 years Thalia, we initially spoke more about death and the way in which different cultures process death. But almost simultaneously, the discussion started to revolve around what happens after death: reincarnation, the afterlife, rebirth, etc. The most dominant question that came up was: How is this interpreted by different people and by different cultures? The theme for the celebration of Thalia 180 years, started to develop from here. Eros, Thanatos and Phoenix were brought forward as points of departure for the theme of the celebration. Eros as life energy, Thanatos as the non-violent peaceful death and the Phoenix as the symbol of eternal life; a cyclical life of passing and rebirth.

Visual Art

The theme was presented to the eight participating visual artists: Razia Barsatie, Anand Binda, Winston van der Bok, Soeki Irodikromo, Sri Irodikromo, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, George Struikelblok and Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi. Each artist was inspired by an entirely different aspect of the theme.

The diverse interpretations of the theme are elaborated upon in various short columns, which will help the public to better understand what the works of art displayed in the celebratory exhibition of Theatre Thalia 180 years are actually about. This visual art exhibition was on display from April 28 until May 7, 2017. In addition to the visual art exhibition there also was a Living Art Show, which was presented within the dance program in the weekend of May 5-7, 2017. It was a collaboration between visual artists and performance artists. The artistic concepts, created by the visual artists, were interpreted and performed by the performance artists. The coordination of the Living Art Show was in the hands of Dweight Warsodikromo.

TEXT Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, 2017

Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi is a female visual artist from Suriname. She works and lives in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. Kit-Ling studied visual art in Suriname and in the Netherlands. In 2005 Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi added the short video-film as a medium to her artwork. Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi makes paintings and drawings, inspired by the tropical rainforest, and the richness of the diverse cultures in Suriname.

Kit-Ling was the featured visual artist at the 13th International Conference of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars. This conference, The Caribbean, the Land and the People; Women’s Efforts, Women’s Lives, was held in Suriname, in May 2012. Kit-Ling was the recipient of the Bridget Jones Award for 2013.

TRANSLATION Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY Ada Korbee & Marieke Visser, 2017


‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / ‘The Carriers of the Image’ – 1 – Introduction

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 2 –  Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 3 –  Winston van der Bok

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 4 –  Razia Barsatie

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 5 –  Soeki Irodikromo

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 6 –  Dhiradj Ramsamoedj

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 7 –  Sri Irodikromo

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 8 – Anand Binda 

‘De Dragers van het Beeld’ / The Carriers of the Image – 9 –  George Struikelblok


Een sprankelend nieuw leven

Alakondre is het woord waarmee we Suriname moeten branden’, zei Alida Neslo en daarmee had ze in mij een bondgenoot gevonden. Dit bondgenootschap zette zich voort door als coördinator van beeldende kunst plaats te nemen in een team dat zich zou inzetten om 180 jaar Theater Thalia op gepaste wijze te vieren. De viering van 180 jaar Thalia moet Thalia weer nieuw en sprankelend leven inblazen.

Het thema

In veel culturen wordt de dood gezien als het einde van een bepaald leven en het begin van een ander nieuw leven. Als team dat zich wilde inzetten voor de viering van 180 jaar Thalia, spraken we eerst meer over de dood en het verwerken van de dood binnen verschillende culturen. Maar bijna simultaan werd er ook gesproken over wat er na de dood gebeurt: de reïncarnatie, het hiernamaals, de wedergeboorte etc. Daarbij werd vooral de vraag gesteld: Hoe wordt dit gezien door verschillende mensen, verschillende culturen? Van daaruit is het thema rond de viering van Thalia 180 jaar zich verder gaan ontwikkelen. Eros, Thanatos en Phoenix (Feniks) werden als uitgangspunten voor het thema binnen de viering van 180 jaar Thalia naar voren geschoven. Eros als levensenergie, Thanatos als de geweldloze zachte dood en de Phoenix als symbool van een eeuwig leven; een cyclisch leven van heengaan en wedergeboorte.

Beeldende kunst

Het thema werd voorgelegd aan de acht (8) deelnemende beeldende kunstenaars, te weten Razia Barsatie, Anand Binda, Winston van der Bok, Soeki Irodikromo, Sri Irodikromo, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, George Struikelblok en Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi. Elke kunstenaar werd geïnspireerd door een geheel andere aspect van het thema.

De diverse interpretaties van het thema zijn in verschillende korte columns uiteen gezet en op deze manier kwam het kunstminnend publiek meer te weten over de inhoud van de kunstwerken die in de feestexpositie van Theater Thalia 180 jaar te zien waren. Deze beeldende kunstexpositie was te zien vanaf 28 april tot en met 7 mei 2017. Naast de beeldende kunstexpositie is er ook een Living Art Show gepresenteerd binnen het dansprogramma in het weekend van 5 tot en met 7 mei 2017. Het betrof een samenwerking tussen beeldende kunstenaars en performance artiesten. De kunstconcepten kwamen van de beeldende kunstenaars, maar werden geïnterpreteerd en uitgevoerd door de performance kunstenaars. De coördinatie van de Living Art Show was in handen van Dweight Warsodikromo.



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Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 Tembe fu libi

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Photo collage Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 Tembe fu libi, by Ravi Rajcoomar

Photo collage Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 Tembe fu libi, by Ravi Rajcoomar

Program Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 Tembe fu libi (on Facebook)

Friday, August 14, 10:00 hrs Opening

Saturday, August 15, 10:00-13:00 hrs Seminar
Marcel Pinas – Introduction
Rob Perrée – The power of an artist-in-residence-programme in an environment like Moengo
– Tresna Pinas – About working in a collective (Moengo)
– Alex van Stipriaan – Marroon people and the art of survival

Saturday, August 15, 16:00-18:00 hrs Artist presentations
– Visthois Mwilambwe Bondo
– Artist (U.S.A.)

Sunday, August 16, 10:00-13:00 hrs Seminar
Remy Jungerman (on Facebook) – Own position in the art world
– Mama Bobi (on Facebook) – Applied art in French Guiana
– Sharda Ganga – Art and politics

Sunday, August 16, 16:00-18:00 hrs Artist presentations
– Lode
Ken Doorson

Monday, August 17, 10:00-13:00 hrs Seminar
– Tolin Alexander – The role of art and art education in the forming of identity
– Alida Neslo – Art and the community
– Thomas Polimé – Communication by textile in the Marroon community

Monday, August 17, 16:00-18:00 hrs Artist presentations
Razia Barsatie
Miguel EdKe Keerveld

The seminar will be held at the AMC Congress Centre in Moengo and is open to everyone.

Opening hours exhibition Tembe fu libi August 14-September 20, 10:00-18:00 hrs .


Foundation Kibii warmly invites you to Tembe fu libi (Art for Life), the Visual Arts Festival in Moengo, Suriname. (On Facebook.) Tembe fu libi is the third festival in a series that annually emphasize on a specific discipline. This year, Foundation Kibii will focus on the visual arts and continues with the realization of her philosophy and goals. The festival is aimed at contributing to the development of the local youth and community, economic and touristic growth, and multicultural and interdisciplinary cross-­fertilization.

With 40 artists from home and abroad, including Suriname, Barbados, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States and Congo, and 750 students who have worked in recent weeks on several works of art, MFVA 2015 is the largest art project carried out in Marowijne.

On Friday the 14th of August, the festival will be festively opened with the presentation of a 600 metres long collaborative street painting made by the children of Moengo and the art collective Switi Rauw, that connects the different exhibition spaces: the Tembe Art Studio, a part of the former Suralco hospital, the Contemporary Art Museum of Moengo (CAMM), the Art Park and the Fred Murray School and St. Theresia School. Work of local, national and international artists will be on display. Pangi embroideries will interact with video work and traditional woodcarving with contemporary art installations. The aim of the exhibition is to create space for dialogue between the various artworks made by artists of different cultural, educational and artistic backgrounds.

However, the Moengo Festival of Visual Arts (on Facebook) is more than just a festival. Workshops have become an integral part of the festival and in the sustainable development of Moengo. This year, twelve Surinamese artists have been connected to the children of twelve primary schools to create an artwork that will be presented in the exhibition. When traveling east, the artists were encouraged to share artistic knowledge and skills with local artisans. In addition, there is a comprehensive program of artist talks, screenings, drawing competitions, seminars and performances. The final weekend, from the 18th until the 20th of September will celebrate a three-day closing ceremony that will include musical performances and a pooloboto show.

Tembe fu libi is curated by Rob Perrée and Remy Jungerman.

Amongst the exhibited artists André Sontosoemarto, Augusta Pinas, Awini Dimpay, Burospelen (Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe), Charl Landvreugd, Dakaya Lenz, Danasion Akobe, David Linga, Evert Hunswijk, Florens Voorburg, Hercules Pinas, Hesdy Metowirijo, Iris Kensmil, Jakup Ferri, Jasmin Werner, Ken Doorson, Kenneth Flijders, Kevin Headley (Switi Rauw (on Facebook)), Klaas Burger, Koen Van Mechelen, Kurt Nahar, Lolita Bron, Lode Demey, Mama Bobi (on Facebook), Mario Lewanie, Mavis Pinas, Miguel EdKe Keerveld, Purcy Tjin, Ras2, Ravi Rajcoomar, Razia Barsatie, Remond Mangoensemito, Remy Jungerman (on Facebook), René Tosari, Robbert Enfield, Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, Ruben La Cruz & Karolien Helweg, Rudi Pinas aka Pontel, Shaundell Horton, Sheena Rose, Steve Banks, Steven Jouwersma, Sunil Puljun, Terry Rathje, Tirzo Martha, Tresna Pinas, Van Brummelen & de Haan, Visthois Mwilambwe Bondo, Wouter Klein Velderman and Yubi Kirindongo.

For more information please contact Foundation Kibii on ++ 597 520 311 or by e-mailing moengofestival@kibiifoundation.org.

Banner Moengo Festival by Ravi Rajcoomar

Banner Moengo Festival by Ravi Rajcoomar

Interested in everything that happens in Moengo? Read Tembe Tori.

Download your free back issues here:

Tembe Tori 9

Tembe Tori 10

More about many of the participating artists can be found on Africanah.org and the SAX Sranan Art Xposed platform.

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