About Sranan Art Xposed

A lot is going on in Suriname, when it comes to visual arts. Please visit this blog regularly and tap into our flow …

BLOG https://srananart.wordpress.com/

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/pages/SAXSranan-Art-Xposed/121474048032615

PHOTOS www.flickr.com/photos/srananart/

VIDEOS http://vimeo.com/user6622619

INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/srananart

TWITTER http://twitter.com/srananart

REACTIONS srananart@gmail.com

One to two times a year we send out a digital newsletter, Sranan Art Xposed, to art lovers all over the world. Leave a message here, or drop us a line at srananart@gmail.com. A Dutch language as well as an English language edition is available. Free of charge! Previous editions can be downloaded from the Readytex Art Gallery-website.

The SAX Team consists of:

Marieke Visser – Editor in chief

Marieke Visser (Bennekom, the Netherlands, 1962) studied journalism and language and literature in the Netherlands. As publicist she writes a lot about art, culture, history and tourism from her own news agency Swamp Fish Press. She is currently editor in chief of Sranan Art Xposed. She has her own blog.

Team Marieke 1.jpg

Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld – Co-editor & Translation

Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld is a freelance writer. Aside from her work for Sranan Art Xposed, she writes primarily for Readytex Art Gallery in Paramaribo, Suriname. She writes press releases, website texts and takes care of the publicity materials surrounding the exhibitions and other activities of the gallery.

Cassandra lr.jpg

Ada Korbee – Co-editor & Correction

Ada Korbee (Rotterdam, 1952) lives and works in Suriname since 2008 and does freelance work in the field of art and culture management. In that capacity she has been the production manager for Readytex Art Gallery since 2010.

Ada in Brazil lr.jpg

Priscilla Tosari – Co-editor Beyond Borders

Priscilla Tosari (Paramaribo, 1978) is art historian. Aside from her work at ‘Stichting Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam’ she also does freelance writing of art related
articles and has her own blog. She lives in Almere and works in Amsterdam.

New Picture (24).jpg

25 thoughts on “About Sranan Art Xposed

    1. Hi Iris, We have updated all the links. We got the other one by searching Google … Thanks, and have a great show! Wish we could see it! Maybe you can send us picture we might share with the readers of the blog? srananart@gmail.com Greetings from Suriname, Marieke


  1. Hi my just wondering if anyone has a web side or email from Jon Daamen or would like to send my email forward to her.
    She is a old friend from Paramaribo when we both lived there


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